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We just planted the winter garden for 2017 - we'll have lots of great vegetables soon! Click here to read all about it: 

Winter Garden 2017 Phase 1

the farm:

My great-great-grandfather was one of the first settlers in a small town just outside of San Antonio. He started his farm with 600 acres. That 600 acres became a family farm that would create amazing memories for generations to come, mine included. I lived on this farm for 20 years before moving out with my husband, and now I'm excited to say, 5 years later, that it is in our plan to move back to that farm in the next few years when we've completed construction on our home. 

This beautiful place has acted as my safe haven for many years, and I can honestly say it never ceases to surprise me. Here you'll find some of our adventures, as we transition from the city back to the old farm.