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The Skyline Mountain Bike Trail is one of my favorites in Texas. Located in the Davis Mountains State Park, it's full of challenging inclines and beautiful views! It doesn't take a professional to ride this trail, and it's available to hikers as well! 

​It is a 5.2 mile trail that snakes along the mountain starting at the park's interpretive center and continuing all the way to the beautiful Keesey Canyon Overlook! At this point, if you're riding you can leave your bike and continue by foot to the Fort Davis or turn around and head back to the start of the trail. 

This is not reserved for experts! Do not visit the Davis Mountain State Park without venturing out on this trail. It is one of my absolute favorite trails there, and I've been visiting every year for almost 25 years. Pack light and ride on! 

Skyline Mountain Bike Trail

The majority of the way there is at an incline. You must be relatively in shape or there's a possibility you'll be walking your bike up certain areas. On the way back, it's a totally different story! Enjoy the wind blowing through your hair on the way down. It's such an exciting ride.

If you're doing this on a bike it's great for a morning or afternoon ride, but if you're doing it on foot I suggest starting in the morning! Pack a lunch and I can promise you a great overlook to picnic at. Don't forget a lot of water because the Davis Mountains are very dry!