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This is one of my favorite hiking and biking trails in Texas! It's not that it's really challenging or anything like that - it's actually pretty moderate compared to others. This trail is pretty wide so I enjoy hiking and biking it. I am not, by any means, an avid mountain biker. I love the activity but I'm also not very good. If you put me on a tight trail, I will not succeed in biking it! Haha! With that said, this trail is great for bikers like me! The trail also provides multiple opportunities to wander off to an overlook or down to the turquoise waters. I did not photoshop these pictures - the water on this trail really is the color! 

The Wolf Mountain Trail is approximately five and a half miles long. You'll get to see the gorgeous springs and creeks throughout the hike. Most areas of the trails are surrounded by trees for shade, but wear that sunscreen because it multiple areas it opens up and the sun shines right on through! Don't miss your opportunity to dip your feet in the water of the springs. WARNING: It's cold! Only about a mile or two into the hike you'll see where the trail branches off to the left. This is where the spring is!

If you're visiting Pedernales Falls State Park, get there in the morning! This is a popular state park and many visitors flock from San Antonio and Austin during the summer months. The first parking lot after you leave headquarters is for this trail and it fills up normally before noon. When the weather is rainy, many trails shut down. A good way to avoid a wasted drive out to find the park closed is to check out their website: Pedernales Falls State Park

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Pedernales Falls: Wolf Mountain Trail