We only had a few days in Denali, so we wanted to definitely get some great hiking in! The first trail we decided to do was the Mount Healy Overlook Trail. It also happened to be one of the steepest trails in Denali National Park! 

The trail is 5.4 miles round trip. We started with 6 people, but only Gregory and I did the whole hike. It’s one of those where it’s easy to start out too fast and kick your own butt. I have a few tips to share for this hike that might help.

  1. ​The trail progressively gets steeper, so don’t rush it! There’s a 1700ft elevation gain. The view from the top is definitely worth it! 
  2. Bring bug spray. Summertime in Alaska definitely brings lots of misquitos. Protect yourself. 
  3. The temperature at the top is a little cooler with the wind off the higher snow-covered mountains, so I suggest bringing a light-weight windbreaker or sweatshirt.

mount healy overlook trail 

This is one of the few hikes in the park that you can do without a special permit or trail guide, so expect it to have a lot more traffic than a regular hike. As you get higher on the mountain, the crowd will thin out a lot! While sitting at the overlook, we only saw two other people. It was so nice to privately take in such a gorgeous view with my husband. You'll have many beautiful view of the National Park from this overlook, but one of the other really stunning views, is that of the town of Denali. We had fun pointing out our hotel from the mountain above! 

When we visit again, I will definitely repeat this hike. I recommend this hike to anyone who is lucky enough to make it to Denali National Park.

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