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Speaking of pups, when we weren't sledding, we got to visit with the new racing puppies! They were absolutely adorable and I couldn't get enough cuddles from them! Overall, this was a huge highlight from our trip and if we ever make it back to Alaska, you can definitely find us at Punchbowl Glacier! 

Dog-Sledding in Alaska

My husband and I rode with his step-dad and were the first to make it to the glacier. Up to this point I had never riden in a helicopter before. It was absolutely exhilarating. The views were incredible and we had headsets where we could speak to each other during the ride. It was short, only about 5 minutes or so, but I will never forget those few minutes up in the air in Alaska!  

Once we arrived at Punchbowl Glacier we were greeted by the trainers of the dogs. These men and women spend weeks living up on the glacier with the dogs, taking care of and training them. They explained to us that each of the houses for the dogs was their sanctuary and how important it was for us to stay out of their area. They also showed us how the dogs get each other pumped up for a run, by lurching forward, barking, and howling! It was absolutely incredible! 

The memories made in our surprise trip to Alaska will last a lifetime, and the first one I always picture in my mind is the dog-sledding. Our family scheduled the whole experience through Apline-Air Alaska. We arrived at their office around nine o'clock. They prepped us by giving us the pants, boots, and jackets to pull over our clothes to keep us warm.

Then they sat us in a group and gave us the run-down on all the safety precautions that we needed to take, as we would be riding in a helicopter up to Punchbowl Glacier where all of the dogs and trainers were at.  

Now the only thing left for us to do learn was how to ride! The trainers walked us through all of the steps and rode with us! They took us around the glacier and allowed us to switch positions between sitting and standing! Trust me, standing is a lot more fun because you're on skis and it's so much fun to balance and try not to fall off. Plus you have to watch out for bathroom breaks when you're sitting! Haha!

If you ever make it to Alaska, do not leave without trying this! We were also informed that the group of dogs we were with were Iditarod Champions, so we extra pumped about riding with true professional pups!